BJS Ceramics has developed a proprietary process to produce SiC Fiber. A first production line with this process will be operative late 2018. Pre-ceramic Polymer will be available soon.

The capacity will be utilized to certify the product in high-end applications such as aero engines and stationary gas turbines (IGT).

BJS Composites  produces SiC/SiC and C/SiC composites at its site in Gersthofen. It tailors products according to customer specification. A capacity expansion is initiated in order to meet increasing demand.

BJS Composites operates a variety of furnaces and reactors to ensure high manufacturing flexibility.

German manufacturing accuracy is paired with SixSigma methodolgy to fulfill highest customer demands.


Quality for your success:

  • Pre-ceramic polymers, e.g. for matrix infiltration, interface and component coatings
  • Programming of ceramic SiC fibers
  • Ceramic SiC fibers for reinforcement of CMC components


High performance solutions for:

  • Turbines, furnace technologies, space and other high-temperature applications
  • Friction components such as bearings, shaft sleeves, clutches and brakes