Data Protection Policy

BJS takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We keep your personal data confidential and comply with the relevant data protection regulations.

Responsible Party for Data Protection

The responsible party within the meaning of the data protection regulations, especially the EU-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for all BJS companies is:

BJS Ceramics GmbH
Siemensstr. 6a
86368 Gersthofen

Telephone: +49 821 999 508-00

Use of our Webpages

In general, it is possible to use our webpages without transmitting personal data. Insofar as personal data (e.g. name, address or e-mail address) are collected and processed, such personal data are given voluntarily, or this is made in compliance with legal requirements or with your consent. Our use of personal data complies at all times with the EU GDPR as well as with all country-specific data protection regulations applicable for BJS. BJS will not transfer your personal data to third parties without your express consent and will not store your personal data longer than necessary.
Please note that the transfer of data via the internet (e.g. in e-mail communications) may not be safe. Despite our efforts to secure your data, it may not be fully safe from the access of third parties.

Collection of general data and information

When you use our webpage, non-personal data will be automatically collected which have no connection to you as a person (so-called server log-files, e.g. information regarding the web-browser you use, IP address and other traffic data). By using these general data and information, BJS does not draw any conclusions regarding the person concerned. These general data and information are required to display the content of our webpages correctly and in an optimized manner, and to ensure the functionality of our webpages as well as the data protection and data security. The use of the above data and information is based on our legitimate interest to display our webpages as described above.

Getting in contact with us

On the basis of the information provided on our webpages you can directly contact us. If you choose to e-mail us, you thereby consent voluntarily to the purpose of us getting in contact with you. In order for us to contact you, we require your valid e-mail address. The e-mail address is required to properly direct your inquiry internally and to answer you. It is up to you whether you provide additional data. The data you provide us with will be collected and stored for the purpose of processing your inquiry and for subsequent questions thereto. Upon completion of your inquiry, the personal data will be automatically deleted.

Purpose of the data collection

We use your personal data exclusively for the purposes listed in this data protection policy. We do not transfer your personal data to third parties except in the cases listed in this data protection poli-cy. We only transfer your personal data to third parties if

  • you consent expressly to the transfer,
  • this is required to fulfil a legal Obligation,
  • this is required to protect legitimate interests of others and there are no reasons for the as-sumption that your interest in the non-transfer of your personal data outweighs such legitimate interests of others.

Deletion resp. blocking of the data

We collect and store your personal data only as long as required to fulfil the purposes listed in this data protection policy or as legally required. Once the purpose is fulfilled, or respectively, expiration of the legal retention period, the data are routinely blocked or deleted in compliance with the legal regulations.

The use of OpenStreetMap

Our webpages use OpenStreetMap by OpenStreetMap Foundation (herein referred to as OSMF), St John’s Innovation Centre,
Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS, United Kingdom - a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales under the company registration number 05912761. When using OpenStreetMap, OSMF collects, processes and uses data regarding the use of the functionalities of the map by visitors of the map, and may transmit such data to serv-ers outside of the European Union. BJS has no influence on this data collection, data processing and use of the data. By using OpenStreetMap the visitor agrees to the terms of use and the data protection notices of OpenStreetMap. Further information regarding the terms of use of OpenStreetMap are available at and; further information regarding the data collection, processing and use by OSMF are provided under

We use OpenStreetMap in order to provide you with a pleasant presentation and so that you can easily find our company and our products. This represents a legitimate interest in the sense of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.


We offer YouTube-videos on our webpage. The operator of these plugins is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When you visit a webpage with a YouTube-Plugin, YouTube is notified of the websites you visit via a connection to YouTube servers that may be lo-cated outside of the European Union. If you are logged in into your personal YouTube account at the same time, YouTube is enabled to link your surfing behaviour directly to your personal profile. You can avoided this by logging out of your personal YouTube Account. If you start a YouTube-video, YouTube activates Cookies that collect information about your user behaviour if you did not block the storage of Cookies in your browser. Further information regarding data protection at YouTube is available at YouTube’s data protection declaration
We use YouTube in order to provide you with a pleasant presentation of our company and our products. This represents a legitimate interest in the sense of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

IONOS by 1&1

Our webpage is hosted by IONOS by 1&1, 1&1 IONOS SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur and utilizes their First Party Cookies as well as their Third Party Cookies in order to optimize the functionality and performance of this webpage as well as to potentially collect information regarding your user behaviour e.g. for - but not limited to - marketing purposes, if and to the extent you blocked the saving of cookies in your browser. Further information regarding the data protection of IONOS by 1&1 is available in the data protection declaration of our webpage host IONOS by 1&1 under this link: .
The use of the hosting services of IONOS by 1&1 for a functional and performing webpage providing you with a pleasant presentation of our company and our products represents a legitimite interest in the sense of Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Your rights as a person concerned

You have the following legal rights that you can execute at any time by contacting our data protec-tion contact person (contact details can be found at the end of this data protection policy):

  • Information about your personal data stored, processed and used by us (this includes information about the source of the data, purpose of the data collection, data transfer, duration of data collection and storage)
  • Rectification of false or incomplete personal data,
  • Deletion of the personal data stored by us,
  • Limitation of data collection, processing and use in case we are legally not allowed to delete your data,
  • Objection against the data collection, processing, use, storage of your personal data by us, and
  • Data transfer if you agreed to it or if you concluded a contract with us.

If you agreed to the processing of your personal data, you have the right to cancel this agreement at any time with effect for the future. Additionally, you have the right to object the processing of your personal data at any time with effect for the future.
You have the right to contact the competent supervisory authority with a complaint at any time. The competent supervisory authority depends on the province (Bundesland) of your permanent resi-dence, of your workplace or of the alleged breach. Alternatively, you may also contact our supervi-sory authority, The Bavarian Data Protection Authority (Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutz) at Post Box 606, 91511 Ansbach, Germany.

Right of Objection

Insofar as your personal data are collected on the basis of a legitimate interest in accordance to Art. 6 para. 1 S. 1 lit. f GDPR, you have the right in accordance to Art. 21 GDPR to object to the processing of your personal data, if there are reasons specific to your special situation, or if the objection concerns direct marketing activities. In the latter case you have a general right to object, and we will comply with your objection. In case you want to use your right of objection, please contact us via the contact details given below.

Actuality and amendment of this data protection policy

This data protection policy is currently valid and has the status of May 2018. By further developing our webpages and offerings or due to amended legal or other regulatory requirements, we may need to amend this data protection policy. Accordingly, for each visit of our webpages the then current data protection policy is valid which can be accessed and printed on our webpages anytime.

Your questions

In case you have questions regarding data protection, please send us an e-mail or contact the person responsible for data protection in our organisation:

BJS Ceramics GmbH
Datenschutz / Data Protection
Siemensstraße 6a
86368 Gersthofen

Tel. +49 821 999 508 10

Our data protection policy is only applicable for the BJS webpages. BJS has no influence on operators of webpages linked to the BJS webpages complying with data protection regulations.