Silicon-Carbide-Fiber Pilot-Production in Europe, SPE-Project

BJS Ceramics GmbH proudly announces that it has been awarded with EU Funding for its "Silicon-Carbide-Fiber Pilot-Production in Europe" (SPE)-Project.

  • Target: Scale-up of our unique, patented Silicon-Carbide-Fiber (SiC fiber) production technology to a commercial stage

  • Timeframe: 07/2019 - 06/2021

  • Location: Europe's only R&D SiC fiber pilot line in Bayreuth at Fraunhofer ISC / Centre HTL

SPE is not only a key milestone for our company, but also contributes vastly to the next generation aero-engines to significantly improve the eco-friendliness of air travel.
With air travel expected to double by 2035, the reduction of CO2- and noise emissions is mandatory. Already to-date, drastic emission reduction objectives are in place to be reached in several steps until 2050. Such emission reduction objectives can only be reached if fuel can be burnt at much higher temperatures than today.

Today's aero-engines are made from so-called super-alloys, which would melt at the required temperatures. A new material is necessary to withstand such temperatures preferably at less weight: Silicon-carbide-fiber-reinforced silicon-carbide-ceramics (SiC/SiC)!

In contrast to super-alloys, SiC/SiC is lightweight. It weighs only one third of super-alloys. This provides additional advantages for the design of aero-engines. Also, the specific high-temperature resistance of SiC/SiC requires much less cooling in the aero-engine, thus reducing the noise emissions of aero-engines significantly.

To-date, there are only two Japanese SiC fiber producers, and a third production in the US will be starting operations in 2019. BJS Ceramics GmbH is the only developer and soon producer of SiC fibers in Europe. Our patented, unique SiC fiber technology encompasses raw materials and the production route leading to a highly cost-competitive and top quality SiC fiber. We build up an all EU-based supply chain that ensures a robust, reliable SiC fiber production and supply.