Keraman® for high-performance pumps

                          Our materials perform where others fail

Our Keraman® Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) materials are specifically designed to perform in the toughest operating conditions by withstanding high temperatures, thermal shocks, aggressive media and mechanical stresses. Such operating conditions are typical for many different industrial heavy-duty pumps like tubular casing pumps.

Tubular casing pumps are used to transport e.g.

  • seawater into desalination plants,  
  • cooling water for power plants and industrial plants like chemical plants and refineries
  • industrial water to gas-desulphurisation plants
  • water for irrigation and drainage purposes – including stormwater
  • raw and clean water for water works
  • water to operate docks, locks and sluices

Such pumps require excellent material properties of shaft sleeves in a dry or lubricated friction environment in order to perform safely, constantly efficient, reliably and long-term.

Keraman® CMC shaft sleeves for slide bearings in pumps have been commercially introduced in tubular casing pumps for power plants and seawater desalination stations for many years.

Emergency-pumps are also frequently equipped with journal bearing sleeves made of Keraman®. Due to the high fracture toughness and good thermal shock behaviour of the shaft sleeve the bearings of these pumps can even handle sand and mud in the media, and yet have a higher reliability and life time than metals and conventional monolithic ceramics.  

Due to the fiber reinforcement of our ceramics, our sleeves provide performance where other materials fail. Compared to metals and conventional ceramics like monolithic silicon carbide, our Keraman® can withstand a multiple of the loads yielding much higher power in the friction system and a non-fatal fracture behavior.

Keraman® CMC samples bending strength:

Our CMCs can handle the extreme cold temperatures in cryogenic turbo pumps operated in liquid oxygen as well as extreme hot temperatures like in bearings of space vehicles.

In addition, our Keraman® materials are resistant against most chemical media. That is why chemical pumps and refinery pumps are increasingly equipped or retrofitted with Keraman® sleeves as they may contribute significantly to the longevity of chemical pumps and refinery pumps, thus reducing operating costs of chemical plants and refineries. The reduction of operating cost is a critical success factor for chemical plants and refineries.

Keraman® material advantages at a glance:

  • Light-weight
  • Resistant against:
    • heat  
    • cold
    • thermal shock
    • mechanical stresses
    • most chemical media

Our CMC-materials offer advantages for pumps

No lubricant required:

  • no external lubricant supply system, no maintenance, no pollution  

Constant efficiency by superior wear-resistance:

  • Dry-running capability
  • Abrasion resistance (including solids in fluids)
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • High temperature and cold resistance
  • Aggressive media and corrosion resistance
  • Physical shock, vibration absorption capability 
  • Lifetime in general > 100.000 hrs

Best results:

  • Quick return on invest by significant savings in operating cost
  • Contributes to resource efficiency (energy, avoidance of lubricants), weight and space reduction 

Our Keraman® sleeves have a proven track record of more than 20 years in pumps.

We produce Keraman® sleeves specifically for our customers’ needs and according to customer drawings.

If you want to switch to Keraman® sleeves, please note that our material is light-weight and mechanically very strong. It may require re-engineering of this part of the pump – thereby allowing more compact solutions. This may also be of high interest for aggregates where the minimization of space and weight is an advantage.

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and other internationally reknown pump producers and pump users.

If you want to profit from our long experience to benefit from Keraman® sleeves, please contact us!

                   Our materials perform where others fail


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