On Monday, 20 September 2021, our BJS Team was invited by the Bavarian Minister of Commerce, Mr. Aiwanger, to present the first Silicon Carbide Fibers produced in Bavaria, Germany. It was a great event in which also Dr. Mehring, Member of the Bavarian Parliament, participated.

We thank our BJS team who achieved this major milestone in our company history with their passionate dedication and relentlessness. We also thank the state of Bavaria who supported our endeavour from the beginning.

Along with this event, the following article was published:

Aiwanger acclaims „Climate turnaround made in Bavaria“

High-Tech-Company could play an important role in mitigating climate change

A high-tech company located in Gersthofen, close to Augsburg, could play soon an important role to mitigate the climate change. Jointly with the ISC-Institute of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, BJS Ceramics managed to produce the first Silicon Carbide (SiC) Fibers after 15 years of development and 4 years of construction of Europe’s first and only industrial SiC fiber pilot plant. According to Prof. Dr. Hubert Jäger, one of the three founding members of  BJS Ceramics GmbH, this would not have been possible without the excellent financial support of the Bavarian Ministry of Commerce. So, Dr. Fabian Mehring, the Parliamentarian Director of the “Freie Wähler”-Fraction in the Bavarian Parliament, opened the door to the Bavarian Minister of Commerce, Mr. Hubert Aiwanger, so that BJS Ceramics GmbH could present the first SiC fiber in a solemn handover ceremony.

During the ceremony at the Bavarian Ministry of Commerce, the BJS managers explained to the Vice Minister President the potential in their development: “Components made from SiC fibers are indispensable for the operation of new, environmentally friendly aero-engines as well as for hydrogen turbines fueled with green hydrogen. Ceramic materials based on SiC fibers are in the center of CO2-avoidance”, as stated by the managing director, Dr. Werner Humbs. “We are at the beginning of an exciting development. As part of the Bavarian mid-market, we will enable the delivery of unique materials which enable the energy turnaround without renouncing on energy consumption.” adds Armin Bruch, executive partner of BJS Ceramics GmbH.

Minister of Commerce, Hubert Aiwanger, and Freie Wähler-Managing Director, Dr. Mehring, highly welcome these high-tech developments: „Bavaria supported the development of advanced materials from the very beginning, and seizes now the fruits of this approach. We are very proud for this further example of an Europe-wide technology leadership made in Bavaria”, as puts it Mr. Aiwanger. “The climate turnaround cannot solely be achieved with prohibitions and asceticism mid-term. Instead, we have to innovate, so that mobility and production can be continued – just with less CO2. This is a much-promising approach from the middle of the Bavarian mid-market, and another proof of its high innovation forces.”, Dr. Mehring states excitedly.

For more information, please see the following article at Augsburger Allgemeine.

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